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ENC116은 특별히 방송급의 인코딩에 쓰이는 PAL/NTSC를 위한 10bit의 SDI, Y/C 인코더입니다. 많은 인코더들이 TBC를 하나 혹은 가지고 있지 않은 반면, ENC116은 정교한 5 line의 TBC를 내장하고 있습니다. 또한 Horizontal과 Vertical 타이밍 조절 기능이 있어 아웃풋 타이밍의 sub-pixel 조절과 sub-carrier phase의 정확성을 향상시켰습니다. ENC116은 약 500ps 정도의 아주 낮은 jitter를 가지고 있으며 전체적으로 burst, luminance, chrominance, U, Y의 게인 조절이 가능합니다. ENC116의 on-board 숫자표시 디스플레이와 리모트 컨트롤은 손쉬운 조절을 가능하게 합니다. 숫자표시 디스플레이와 프론트 패널의 메뉴 시스템은 사용자의 운영을 더욱 손쉽게 합니다.


  • 10 bit SDI to PAL/NTSC or Y/C broadcast encoder
  • 100mm x 266mm module allows 12 ENC116 in 2U
  • 5 line TBC
  • Very accurate timing adjustments
  • Low jitter of 500ps
  • Adjustable gains
  • Local or remote control


Standard Crystal Vision module 266mm x 100mm
Weight: 200g
Power consumption: 7.4 Watts

SDI 270Mbit to EBU 3267-E & SMPTE 259M
Cable equalisation >200m Belden 8281 or equivalent
Auto 625/525 line selection

Composite Black and Burst
Amplitude of syncs 300mV +/- 10%
Link on PCB selects 75ohm termination or high impedance with loop-through (via PCB)

Reclocked SDI loop-through. Will drive >200m Belden 8281 or equivalent
Composite reference loop-through (depending on frame type, rear module and board link position)
Three analogue outputs with RM01 frame rear module, five with RM02 and six with RM18
On-board links allow the selection of all composite outputs, or a mixture of composite and Y/C outputs

Frequency response: 0.1dB 0 to 5.5 MHz
Differential Phase: <1 degree
Differential Gain: <1%
Noise: <-60dB weighted
Blanking: To PAL/NTSC specification horizontally and vertically with selectable VBI blanking. PAL lines to 22 and 320 to 335 and NTSC lines 10 to 20 and 273 to 282. Active PAL lines 6 to 22 and 319 to 335 is available as a menu selectable option
Delay: Reference input to composite output is -4us to 4.9 lines. For zero delay, serial video input must be at least 4.3us before output
Output timing can be set to be the same as the analogue reference, or it can be offset by the user to be between 4us earlier than the reference and 4.9 lines later. The SDI video input must be earlier than the required output by a minimum of 4.3us and a maximum of 4.9 lines. If the input is outside of this window a valid composite output will still be created, but the content of the picture will be vertically offset

Power supplies on board
SDI input present
SDI input lock error
625/525 input standard
Genlock reference present
Reference lock error, or mis-terminated reference
Output not phase-locked to input
Input out of TBC range. Indication is given of early by <5 lines, late by <5 lines and more than 5 lines out of range

Variables and options set by shaft encoder with values and prompts on 10 character alphanumeric display on board edge. These variables may also be set remotely
Output timing relative to reference can be set by vertical offset, horizontal course adjustment, horizontal fine adjustment and horizontal sub-pixel adjustment in 2.3ns steps. SCH phase can be adjusted in both coarse and fine steps of 1/2 degree and 1/16 degree respectively. There are adjustments for YUV gain, burst gain, luminance gain, chroma gain and individual U and V gain
The amount of setup (when selected) can be set

RS422/485 and RS232
19200 baud 8 bits, 1 stop no parity
2 serial ports - 1 connected to frame front panel, 1 can be linked to rear of frame instead of GPI signals
Front panel control from frame active panel and remote panel
Statesman allows control from any PC on a network


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